The Pros and Cons of Buying New Construction


  1. Customization: One of the significant advantages of buying a new construction home is the ability to customize the design and features. Buyers often have the option to choose finishes, fixtures, and sometimes even floor plans according to their preferences.
  2. Modern Features and Technology: New construction homes typically come equipped with the latest technology and modern features. This may include energy-efficient appliances, smart home systems, and updated construction materials that meet current building codes.
  3. Warranty: New homes often come with warranties from the builder, covering structural components and systems. This can provide peace of mind for the homeowner, knowing that they won't have to incur major repair costs immediately.
  4. Energy Efficiency: New construction homes are usually built with energy efficiency in mind. This can result in lower utility bills due to better insulation, energy-efficient windows, and modern HVAC systems.
  5. Low Maintenance: Since everything is brand new, maintenance costs are generally lower in the initial years of ownership. Major repairs and replacements are less likely to be needed compared to an older home.
  6. Seller Incentives: Many new home builders offer incentives to their buyers that the re-sale market may not, particularly if using the builder’s lender.  These include items like interest rate buy downs and closing cost credits.


  1. Cost: New construction homes can be more expensive compared to existing homes, especially if you choose to add custom features or upgrades. On average a new construction home will cost around 20% more than a re-sale home. The initial purchase price may be higher, and additional costs can arise during the customization process.
  2. Limited Character: Some people prefer the unique character and charm of older homes, which may have distinct architectural features and mature landscaping. New construction homes might lack this character, offering a more standardized look.
  3. Construction Delays: Construction timelines are not always guaranteed, and delays can occur due to various reasons such as weather, permitting issues, or unforeseen construction challenges. This could affect your move-in date.
  4. Neighborhood Uncertainty: If the development is still in progress, there might be uncertainty about the future of the neighborhood. It may take time for the community to establish itself, and nearby amenities might not be immediately available.
  5. Landscaping and Outdoor Spaces: New construction homes often come with bare landscapes, and it may take time for trees and other vegetation to mature. If outdoor spaces and mature landscaping are important to you, an older home may offer more immediate appeal in this regard.
  6. Features: Many new construction homes do not come with a refrigerator/washer and dryer as well as window coverings, these are often an additional added expense to the buyer.

Before making a decision, it's crucial to carefully weigh these pros and cons based on your preferences, budget, and long-term goals. Additionally, hiring a qualified home inspector to assess the construction quality before purchase is advisable.

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