Lets Explore the Master Planned Community of Inspirada

One of the nations top master planned communities Inspirada located in the city of Henderson is hailed as the “new urban-ism” when the developers broke ground. When completed it will consist of 11,500 homes ranging from condos to single family homes. Spread over 1940 acres of land. The estimated population is 22,446 at completion. The community is designed with homes on small lots that are centered around the parks in the middle of the community. The design makes it easy to walk to any of Inspirada's amenities.

Inspirada Entrance Sign

Exploring the Vibrant Community of Inspirada in Henderson, Nevada: Nestled in the heart of Henderson, Nevada, the master-planned community of Inspirada stands as a testament to modern living, offering residents a harmonious blend of convenience, amenities, and a strong sense of community. 

Inspirada Parks

Size and Layout: Spanning across 1940 acres of land with 35 miles of trails Inspirada encompasses a sizable area in the southern part of Henderson. The community's layout is meticulously designed to create a balanced and harmonious environment, ensuring that residents have access to a range of amenities while maintaining a welcoming and neighborly atmosphere.

Homes and Residential Options: Inspirada boasts a diverse array of residential options, catering to the varied preferences of its residents. From charming single-family homes and stylish townhouses to modern condos, the community offers a housing solution for every lifestyle. Architectural styles vary, adding to the community's visual appeal and creating a unique character in different neighborhoods.  Home values range from around $400,000 up to $1,000,000.

Inspirada Trails

Community Amenities: One of the defining features of Inspirada is its commitment to providing a rich tapestry of amenities for residents to enjoy. Inspirada is focused aroung 5 parks Parks Aventura, Potenza, Capriola, Solista and Attesa Parks playgrounds, and well-maintained walking trails are interspersed throughout the community, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. Inspirada goes beyond the basics, often organizing community events and activities that foster a strong sense of connection among neighbors.  Parks include acitivities including pools, splash pads, dog parks, skate parks and pickle ball, soccer, softball and tennis courts.

Inspirada Homes

Schools and Education: Families in Inspirada benefit from access to quality education, with schools conveniently located within or in close proximity to the community. This adds to the family-friendly atmosphere, making Inspirada an appealing choice for those seeking a well-rounded living experience.  Inspirada is home to two top rated schools, the Inspirada Pinecrest Academy and Robert and Sandy Ellis elementary school.

Shopping and Dining: Residents enjoy the convenience of having commercial areas within the community, featuring an array of shops and restaurants. This ensures that daily needs are easily met, and residents can savor a variety of dining options without venturing far from home.  Inspirada also hosts a weekend farmers market for residences to enjoy.

Homeowners' Association (HOA): Inspirada operates under the guidance of a dedicated Homeowners' Association (HOA), responsible for maintaining common areas, organizing community events, and upholding community guidelines. Residents contribute to the upkeep of shared spaces through HOA fees, ensuring that the community remains well-maintained and cohesive.

Inspirada Single Story Homes

Inspirada in Henderson, Nevada, is more than just a residential area; it's a thriving community that prioritizes the well-being and satisfaction of its residents. With its carefully planned layout, diverse housing options, and a commitment to fostering a sense of community, Inspirada stands as a testament to the possibilities of modern living in the heart of Southern Nevada.

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