Is the Baby Boomer generation crushing the dreams of homeownership for the younger generations?

Why is home availability still so low in America?  Well one of the biggest reasons could be that the baby boomer generation is controlling the housing market.  And not only controlling it, they are increasing thier share of homeownership year over year.

Baby boomers are the generation born between 1946 and 1964, making thoase folks in the age group of 60 years to 78 years of age.  Baby boomers made up the largest block of home buyers in 2023 beating out the Gen x'ers, Gen z'ers  and yes the Millennials.  

Millennials in particular are struggling with homeownership both because of affordability and a shortgae of inventory. The Baby Boomer generation owns the largest portion of homes in the US putting a huge strain on inventory and they simply aren't letting go of it.  Why would they after all, most Baby Boomers own thier homes free and clear with no morgage to worry about. And if we take a look at the age group of 55 and over, those folks own well over 50%  of the homes in America.  

Lastly, with baby boomers living longer than ever, the expected transfer of wealth in the form of homeownership from the Baby Boomers to the younger generations simply isn't happening. 

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